Women's Economic Justice

Our goal is that women have a legitimate voice and benefit equitably from social change.

We work with global brands, government and local implementing partners to develop and implement sustainable projects in factories focused on health, economic resilience, labor rights and the elimination of gender-based violence through system-wide approaches.

CARE works with socially marginalised women experiencing multiple denial of their rights.

In 2021 the labor force participation rate among women was sitting at 79.5% compared to 87.1% among men. As the bearer of children and often in charge of nurturing the household, women economic empowerment will be at the core of alleviating poverty in Tanzania. Women in Tanzania are known for their entrepreneurial prowess and ability to to participate in community lending and saving schemes.

CARE focuses on developing ways of engaging with workers and management teams to ensure the impact continues beyond our project. With our team’s extensive experience engaging with the garment sector, we understand the challenges faced by management and can work with factories to meet their needs. ​

Our experience shows when workers feel safe at work, have better access to healthcare, are equipped with key life skills, and are included in decision-making, this leads to numerous positive outcomes for both workers and businesses. ​








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