Humanitarian (CPR)

Considering the recent global pandemic, Tanzania has expressed a need to be prepared for future health threats; similarly, there is an increased risk for climate crisis as such the country must have a clear climate humanitarian action preparedness plan.

Crisis Preparedness & Response Mandate

CARE has a preparedness and response mandate in all the countries that we work in.

All of our program areas include elements of disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction for the benefit of vulnerable populations in times of emergency.

Our Approach in Tanzania

CARE will continue to work within local partnerships to play an active part in crisis preparedness & response and emergency relief operations in Tanzania. We will work with authorities at the national and provincial levels to strengthen community-level disaster management and response.

Areas of priority include addressing the impacts of natural disasters on vulnerable communities, such as floods and droughts, as well as the effects of climate change and the risks from emerging pandemic threats.

This lies on Gendered Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (GCVCA) Approach.


CARE’s Vision 2030: CARE provides quality gender-focused and localized humanitarian assistance to 10% of those affected in major crises, reaching at least 50 million people by 2030.




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