CARE Tanzania is an international development organization fighting global poverty with a special focus on working with women & girls to bring sustainable changes to their communities.

CARE International in Tanzania

CARE International began working in Tanzania in 1994, initially focusing on the response to the Rwandan genocide and the subsequent influx of refugees into the Kagera Region of Northwestern Tanzania.

In the following years, CARE Tanzania expanded its work to support the development of innovative education, health, microfinance, and environmental programs across most regions of the country.

Today, CARE Tanzania focuses primarily on addressing the needs of the following groups:

  • People dependent on natural resources in areas with severe environmental restrictions, especially women and girls.
  • Women and adolescent girls of reproductive age in rural underserved areas.
  • School-aged girls in rural underserved areas.

Who is CARE?

CARE works in over 110 countries, reaching more than 170 million people through 1,600 projects. We no longer deliver just physical CARE Packages, but we continue to be guided by the spirit of innovation, scale, and helping those most in need that animated our work in the beginning.
Our mission is to defeat poverty. We know that we cannot do this unless we achieve gender justice, so we have a real focus on women and girls.

We are global and have true scaled reach and impact, but we are deeply rooted in communities. Ninety-five percent of our staff come from the communities where we serve.

CARE is a trusted organization with an extraordinary reputation for programmatic integrity but is also innovating and embracing creative new solutions like impact investing and market-based approaches.

To learn more, visit www.care.org.

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