Right to Health

Health Insurance coverage is the most powerful tools in overcoming extreme poverty.

CARE is dedicated to ensuring right to health. Care is offering inclusive 21st Century healthcare education for Indigenous and marginalized communities in Tanzania. Women’s right to reproductive health and family planning is also at stake.

In Tanzania, CARE has over 20 years of experience working with Indigenous and marginalized communities within health education sector mostly in vulnerable groups, including persons women, girls, and youth at large.

CARE’s work in health education began by improving literacy rates and building upon earlier initiatives for girls.

​To build inclusive health education systems, CARE takes a holistic approach and works in close partnership with the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport to ensure the impacts are sustainable by building them into national education policy.​

CARE’s primary focus is on adolescent empowerment including sexual and reproductive health, 21st-century skills, school governance and accountability, and education systems strengthening, all leading to youth employability.








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