Her Money Her Life HMHL

Her Money Her Life HMHL

CARE’s collaboration with Bloomberg philanthropies USA extends the starting with Her Money Her Life (HMHL) project which focused on increasing independence and economic opportunities for women farmers to boost quality, quantity and diversification in Tanzania’s tea sector. 

About the project

The Her Money Her Life (HMHL) project will support factories to establish committees and factory training teams that will support respect and provide worker awareness sessions on the Worker Well-Being focus areas. Factories will be supported to conduct impact assessments to measure success in terms of business and social indicators. All project activities seek to steer factories to take greater ownership of the project and achieve sustainability by: 

  • Building inclusive Worker-Management Teams that use strategic planning,
    capacity building, and management training to increase factory
    commitment and collaboration.

  • Worker-Management Teams identify well-being needs within the focus
    areas of Gender Equity, Workplace Environment, and Policies and Systems.

  • Worker-Management Teams delivering effective action within the focus

  • Supporting factories in monitoring and evaluation activities to track key
    outcomes and indicators for continuous improvement.

The ultimate long-term goal is that Worker Well-Being 2.0 becomes the way that business is done at all levels, which should also push factories towards becoming “model factories”. In terms of workers’ well-being, this will mean happier, healthier, and more productive workers.

Objective: To improve Her Money Her Life project’s women farmers.

  1. To increase capital owned and managed by women farmers.

  2. To increase business growth by women farmers in the tea sector.

  3. To increase farmer’s income for tea, herbs and spices.

  4. To increase international marketability of Tanzania tea.

Local partner implementations

CARE focuses on supporting, engaging and working with local civil society in order to develop their capacity in a purposeful relationship to achieve significant and lasting change for impact. CARE acknowledges that local implementing partners have local expertise and CARE aims to support this through increasing independence and economic opportunities for women farmers to boost quality, quantity and diversification in Tanzania’s tea sector. CARE will manage and coordinate this project, while the selected local implementing direct partner Kazi yetu limited will be the implementer for the project’s in-factory activities as well as strategic partners such as Tea Board of Tanzania (TBT) and Tanzania Smallholders’ Tea Development Agency (TSHTDA).

Key activities

Her Money Her Life (HMHL) focuses on a number of key areas including Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), collective investments, digital solutions and private sector engagement. Promoting financial literacy through investment opportunities for farmers and cooperatives, enhancing woman’s leadership as well as land acquisition. This involves:
  • Collective investment through VSLA formation, Agri fund and good agricultural practices training to farmers.
  • Information through technology by training CBT & VSLA on CHOMOKA system as well as the use of E-prod app for farmers and traceability systems. 
  • Investment Opportunities for farmers and Cooperatives through creating high level investment awareness and training groups on collective investment model as well as tea processing and value addition. 
  • Improve access of market information for farmers, utilize the traceability Apps, develop Co branding, and facilitate certification to tea farmers.
  • Increase women’s leadership and negotiation skills at VSLA groups as well as engaging influential men and local leaders as advocates for women’s expanded role in the sector.
  • Engage couples to set shared goals and plans for working towards them together.
  • Provide factory training teams with refresher training depending on
    focus areas and planned activities of the factories.
  • Create community awareness on land acquisition through community meetings through VSLA groups and other existing platforms. 
  • Linking farmers with respective authority for land acquisition especially women.

Project Approach

The goal of the project is to increase independence and economic opportunities, focusing on:

  • Increase capital owned and managed by women tea farmers.

  • Increase business growth by women farmers in the tea sectors.

  • Increase farmers income for tea, herbs and spice farmers.

  • Increase international marketability of Tanzania farmers.

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