million people affected by humanitarian crises receive quality life-saving humanitarian assistance.
million women have greater access to and control over economic resources.
million poor and vulnerable people increase their food and nutrition security and their resilience to climate change.
million women and girls exercise their rights to sexual, reproductive and maternal health and life free from violence.

Organizational Context

CARE Tanzania is a Country Office for CARE International, which is a non-profit, nonsectarian, non-governmental organization with its Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.

CARE International is a confederation of members. Each member is responsible for raising finances for relief and development programmes from the public, corporations, foundations, and governments in their respective countries.

CARE USA, CARE Canada, and CARE Australia, which have responsibilities as Lead Members for specific country offices, are responsible for hiring international staff and providing back office technical assistance and support for the country offices assigned to them. Lead Members as well as other CARE International members provide technical assistance and support for programs/projects being implemented in Country Offices where they are engaged with. At the moment CARE is planning to become a global organization with only one HQ. It is expected that the process of intergrating the various members into one system will take at least another two years.

CARE USA is the Lead Member for CARE Tanzania, and CARE Tanzania’s country programme is coordinated by CARE USA on behalf of CARE International. At the
regional level, CARE Tanzania receives oversight and guidance from the East and Central Africa Regional Management Unit (ECARMU) based in Nairobi.
CARE Tanzania, as a country office, is responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating programs, as well as raising funds with institutional, bilateral, and multilateral donors.

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Women's Forum Corner

CARE Tanzania has embarked on the process of developing medium term strategy for Gender equality and women empowerment unit to guide its programming on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment as a way to promote women economic empowerment, gender equality and address social injustices affecting women in rural Tanzania. The process has evolved from the country office strategy – WEZESHA,



Farmers’ Fight bears Fruit Villagers in Mbarali entered 10 years ago into a land dispute with Kapunga Rice Project Limited. The dispute


With inputs from CARE Tanzania, the government has completed a new


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