CARE International
in Tanzania

CARE International is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) registered and commenced its works in Tanzania in 1994 responding to the influx of refugees in North-West Tanzania because of the genocide crisis in Rwanda.

save lives,
defeat poverty,
achieve social justice,
and fight for women and girls.

Our focus in Tanzania.

CARE tackles the underlying causes of poverty and social injustice through multiple multiple angles. See how we focus our efforts in Tanzania in the fight against poverty.

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Latest News & Stories

A Transformational Journey of Women Farmers in Mlanda Village

Safia’s story serves as a testament to the Scale Up FFBS project’s contribution to empowering women farmers. The Mlanda village community recognizes her as a champion of the Scale Up FFBS soybean value chain and affectionately calls her “Safia Soybean.” She aspires to become a soybean buyer and to establish a soybean and sunflower processing factory in her village in the future. She plans to graduate from FFBS and continue adopting the GAP training the community on nutrition, gender and other FFBS components.

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Her Money, Her Life: Women’s Economic Justice in the Tanzania Tea Industry

Establishing the SAKARE Specialty Tea Factory in Bungu marks a transformative initiative to bridge gender roles, technological gaps, and market divides for smallholder tea farmers. The success story unfolds through the dedication of women at various levels, from organic farming to processing, showcasing increased income, economic independence, and a shift in traditional norms, facilitated by collaborative efforts from CARE Tanzania, the Government of Tanzania, and implementing partners.

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From a homemaker to a thriving farmer

The project aimed to empower cashew nut farmers like her to improve their yields and income by providing them with training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) through the Farmer Field and Business School (FFBS)

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Latest News & Stories