Lutindi Tea Herbs and Spices


Lutindi Tea, Herbs, and Spices, nestles in the beautiful Korogwe District of the North-Eastern Usambara mountains, has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the collective investment spearheaded by the Her Money, Her Life Project under CARE International in Tanzania, generously supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The once-disorganized group faced challenges, with only a few members involved in traditional herb and spice processing, until the intervention of CARE in May 2022.

The introduction of the AgriFund savings program became a game-changer, allowing Lutindi group to elevate their herbs and spices processing business from kitchen-level operations to owning a processing machine.

The impact on sales volume and revenue was significant, with Mr. Thomas Nyangase noting a remarkable 50% boost. Through careful planning and guidance from CARE International in Tanzania, the group established three revenue streams: local sales, semi-processed products which were sold to off-taker Kazi Yetu Limited, and diversification into horticulture business.

Group Chairperson, Ms. Christina Kayala expressed optimism for the future, highlighting the construction of a warehouse, and having a production office initiated with AgriFund support. Acquiring a processing machine, with partial funding from CARE International in Tanzania, showcased the commitment of the group to growth.

Mr. Barnabas Mtelevu, Senior Project Manager for the Her Money Her Life project, emphasizes the transformative impact of collective investment, strategic partnerships, and the unwavering entrepreneurial   spirit within the group.

 Within a span of one year and half, the financial impact was tangible, with an initial investment of TZS 3,500,000 (USD 1,389) yielding revenue of TZS 9,650,000 (USD 3,830). Diversification into horticulture further multiplied their success, turning a TZS 500,000 (USD 199) investment into a remarkable return of TZS 1,700,000 (USD 675).

This has also translated the lives of individual members tremendously; four (4) VSLA members have been able to pay school fees for their children, three (3) members establish petty business, while the other two (2) have renovated their houses and some members are in construction progress; while other members have managed to re-invest the money in agriculture and expand their farm plots. In ensuring this positive changes are lasting, the group was connected to CRDB bank under Imbeju program to secure loans and 8 members opened individual accounts.

Through a strategic partnership with Kazi Yetu Ltd, Lutindi found a reliable off-taker, fostering a mutually beneficial commercial relationship. The group actively participated in local markets and exhibitions such as Nane Nane (Farmers Day), expanding its reach, and embracing new technologies.

As Lutindi Tea, Herbs, and Spices Group continues to thrive, the future promises sustained growth and prosperity, with heartfelt gratitude extended to CARE Tanzania for catalyzing this extraordinary journey, underscoring the invaluable role of support and collaboration in fostering such insipiring success story.