Local Partners

Partnerships are the foundation of CARE’s work. By working with local groups and governments, we develop a deeper understanding of the context and diversify our expertise while strengthening the capacity of local organizations to lead in the design and implementation of programming.

Local partners

CARE partners with a range of local non-governmental and community-based organisations to implement its programs. Many of these organisations have strong networks within the communities they work with, allowing projects to combine local knowledge with well-established relationships which feature a high level of trust from community members. Equipping socially active community representatives with relevant skills and knowledge is important for ensuring the long term sustainability of CARE’s efforts in Tanzania.


Our Current Local Partners

Sokoine University Graduate Enterprenuers Cooperative (SUGEC)

Cashewnut Board of Tanzania

Relief to Development Society (REDESO)

Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)

Tea Board of Tanzania

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA)

Tea Research Institute of Tanzania (TRIT)

Agricultural Council of Tanzania