The Innovating cashew value chain

The Implementation of the Innovation cashew value chain framework

The innovation cashew value chain project aims to reach 3,000 small holder cashew farmers directly that will be participating in Farmer Field and Business Schools (FFBS), Village Savings and Lending Associations (VSLAs) and joining Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOs) of Duga. The general design and the core of Innovating cashew value chain project lies under partnership model through Co-ownership model innovation. Under this model cashew farmers through their    Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS) gets an opportunity to co-own the cashew processing facility with private Company (Out-Growers Tanzania Limited) through a newly established Out Growers KILIMO Industry Sigaya Limited.

CARE International in Tanzania is implementing a four-year project in cashew value chain funded jointly between Danida Markets Development Partnerships (DMDP) and Out-Growers Tanzania Limited (Commercial partner) with the Total Budget of 10 million Danish Croner. 

Main activities:

  • Training on good Agricultural practices through FFBS for increased yield and income.
  • Market linkage to farmers through AMCOS.
  • Establishment of VSLA groups and collective investment.
  • Value addition through cashew processing, products innovation, and by-products utilization.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of project activities, outputs and outcome.



Case study:

Famers’ field business schools scale up at farmers and Women’s Empowerment

The implementation of Farmers’ field business schools scale up project model farmers will get benefit in two tiers: 1. Through selling raw cashew nut to the factory and 2.  After selling the processed kernels (export)This model gives AMCOS a responsibility of being sole supplier of raw cashew nut through its members who are also cashew nut producers. To make sure farmers produce enough quality cashew to feed the factory, several interventions need to be done through Good Agricultural Practices and other skills on cashew production and that is where support of CARE Tanzania and other cashew stakeholders like  Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute , Cashew Board of Tanzania , Local Government Authority, Registrar of cooperatives, banks etc. comes in to make sure AMCOS and farmers are supported to fulfil their responsibilities of being suppliers of quality raw cashew nuts to the factory.

The project also applies gender transformative approach through identification and working on the social and cultural norms along the coastal areas that prohibits women from participating in economic activities. Through project interventions, about 1,612 women are currently participating in VSLAs, FFBS and AMCOS out of 2,672 SHF and therefore assured of access to finance and thus engaging in economic activities.

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Innovating the Cashew Value Chain

This film depicts how CARE Tanzania began the Innovating the Cashew Value Chain Project in the Tanga Region's Mkinga district. The project intends to build farmers capacity for improving production, solve the market access challenge, promote cashew value addition, and increase capital for smallholder farmers in Mkinga District. The project is funded by Danida Green Business Partnerships / Danida Market Development Partnerships.