New Approaches to Upscale and Ecosystem-based Adaptation (NATURE)

Tanzania faces several challenges related to weak institutional, financial and poor access to appropriate technologies; weak climate knowledge management, inadequate participation of key stakeholders, and low public awareness to support effective implementation of ecosystem-based adaptations. Therefore, the New Approaches to upscale resilience and ecosystem-based adaptation project is aiming at increased resilience of communities especially most marginalized people through improving ecosystem services in drought prone in its areas.

The project will address social vulnerabilities such as food insecurity, access to resources, water use conflict, human wildlife conflict, pastoralist migration and land-use conflicts to support restoration of ecosystem services and contribute to implementation of Tanzania legal and development policy framework as it addresses a core issue that affects restoration of ecosystem services.



Proposed approach regarding Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) major Components:

  • Addressing barriers to upscaling of EbA solutions.
  • Utilizing evidence to scale up EbA knowledge and practice.
  • Support improving nation policies to support ecosystem restoration.



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