Innovative Work with Cloudburst

In collaboration with Cloudburst CARE is piloting a new, participatory and innovative approach in capturing land rights information by using mobile phones. It is a low cost methodology that can quickly, map and record a reliable inventory of land and issue CCRO certificates. The key objective of the pilot project is to improve land governance and lower the cost of land titling programs, test a range of technology tools for the capture and maintenance of land rights information, engage citizens and communities to improve tenure security and understand land rights, explore how the results from the pilot can be shared and lessons and practical applications expanded, replicated and scaled up in Tanzania. How exactly is this done? There is a mobile data capture application which provides spatial visualization of units using GPS. It is able to capture, manually draw and map land. That land can then be registered to an individual. The application will generate CCRO certificates for selected property using the registration information and all the data is stored in a cloud which can be accessed through a web based application as well. 
Since starting work early this year the mapping exercise is almost completed and approximately 900 parcels of land have been mapped and registered. Women have also been found to be more proactive in demanding for their rights to own and control land primarily as a result of outreach and awareness programs facilitated through TAGRODE. The data cleaning process has commenced and CCRO certificates will be printed starting 24 May, a ceremony to hand out the certificates will be held in the week of the 15th of May