"Village Savings and Loans Associations Driving Universal Health Coverage in Tanzania: Opportunities and Path Forward"

CARE International in Tanzania hosted a forum titled “Village Savings and Loans Associations Driving Universal Health Coverage in Tanzania: Opportunities and Path Forward” from 3rd  to 5th  October 2023  at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) during the 10th Tanzania Health Summit. (THS)

At the beginning of the forum, Ms. Prudence Masako, the Country Director of CARE International in Tanzania, extended a warm welcome and expressed gratitude to the forum delegates for their attendance. She also thanked the moderator (Dr. Heri Marwa – Country Director  Pharm Access Tanzania) and panelists (Christina John – Senior Fundraising Manager CARE International in Tanzania, Hipoliti Lello – Marketing and Customer Services Manager National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Dr. Makuwani Ahmad Mohamed – Acting Director, Division of Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health (MINISTRY OF HEALTH), Dr. Ntuli Kapologwe – Director of Health, Social Welfare, and Nutrition Services (PORALG), Jeromin Tarimo – Project Participant CARE International in Tanzania) for sharing their expertise and shaping the forum’s discussion. Ms. Masako elaborated on the significance of VSLAs as a crucial tool for livelihoods and stressed the importance of discussing VSLAs and UHC. She further explained why VSLAs are essential for livelihoods and why discussing VSLAs and UHC is crucial.

The forum generated critical discussions and recommendations, highlighting the potential for VSLAs to play a pivotal role in advancing Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Tanzania:

  • The panelists emphasized the utilization of VSLAs as a financing mechanism for achieving the envisioned Universal Health Coverage (UHC), emphasizing the financial inclusion aspect of VSLAs in healthcare.
  • The panelists also recommended that the government prioritize health insurance within its budget considerations, recognizing its profound impact on the sustainability of Universal Health Coverage.

VSLAs have proven to be an effective strategy for improving Universal Health Coverage by promoting financial inclusion and empowerment at the community level. This ensures that individuals and households have the resources to access healthcare services, contributing to the broader goal of achieving universal health coverage.

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Tanzania Health Summit

CARE Program Director, Ms. Haika Mtui together with head of finance Mr. Auson Komwihangilo in a together photo.