Savings Group Linkage Summit

CARE Tanzania's LINK Up programme was part of CARE’s regional linkage summit, December 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. The event provided a platform for banks, mobile networks, CARE and other NGOs, donors and other key stakeholders to review the current state of the linkage practice and explore the future potential of providing formal financial services to informal savings groups.
The summit convened a select group of 30-40 industry leaders from across East Africa - including CARE Tanzania’s partners, NMB, Mwanga Community Bank and Access Bank.  All invitees are already actively pursuing sustainable models to support savings groups and their members  to  achieve  formal  financial inclusion, which set the stage for a dynamic exchange based on practical experience and results.

At the event, CARE launched a “Savings Groups and Formal Financial Services Handbook,” which has been heavily informed by CARE’s work in Tanzania and inputs from the country team. The Handbook will be a valuable resource to guide current and future efforts to achieve our shared goals of full and equitable financial inclusion for all.
On 28 February, CARE Tanzania hosted a follow up National Forum in Dar es Salaam to pick up the regional discussion at a national level. The discussion focused on the legal framework and policies on financial inclusion, seeking to create a more enabling environment for both the demand and supply side, as well as further enhance collaboration and coordination between stakeholders and the Government.

In attendance were Government representatives, the Financial Sector, civil society and VSLA members, with closing remarks provided by the Honourable Deputy Minister of Finance.