Empowerment for Climate Leadership - A Call

Climate Resilience and Sustainability - Young Leaders Training Course

June 2017 to June 2018


About CAN Tanzania

CAN Tanzania is a registered non-for profit organization that works to promote and strengthen Tanzanian Civil Society, media and local communities through enhancing capacity in information sharing and managing community based projects that add value to mitigation, adaptation to reduced vulnerability of climate change impacts and poverty reduction strategies. CAN Tanzania prioritises programs that raise awareness and advocate for change from the local to the national level, implementing climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and interventions in different local contexts as well as fostering low-carbon development (LCD) through collaborative work with the Tanzanian government and local communities. We also strive to localize the international climate agenda and agreements into our local context.

About the Project

The Empowerment for Climate Leadership - Climate Resilience and Sustainability - Young Leaders Training Course, implemented by CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch is a model project aiming to empower young activists aged 20 to 30 - in the first phase mainly from and currently based in Tanzania and Germany. The project applies an innovative approach that intends to serve as a model for wider training of future leaders in Africa and Asia as well as Germany/EU. The project will benefit from the long-standing engagement of Germanwatch and CAN Tanzania in national and international climate processes and more recently, in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Paris Agreement and the G20 processes. The project overarching goal is to strengthen civil society driven grassroots-level education and advocacy on climate resilience (mitigation and adaptation) and to contribute to planning and implementing the SDG process at the local and national levels, eventually also at the international level. The multi-actor project will receive additional guidance from an international steering group including WESSA South Africa, CEE India and ESD expert.net Germany/international together with CAN Tanzania and Germanwatch, as the core project partners. This project shall give opportunities for youth participants to learn both European and southern perspectives on climate protection, climate policy and sustainable development. The participants will also have chance to get involved in the implementation of agenda 2030/SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

Call for Application: ECL YL Training Course – Advert for candidates